Bridgeway Christian Academy uses proven methods of teaching academics. The biblically integrated curriculum incorporates foundation building, phonics, drills, visual aids, manipulatives, problem solving, and engaged learning in order to challenge our students. Our goal is to provide a challenging curriculum insuring that our students receive the highest standards of academic training and at the same time, instill a love for learning.

Bible Curriculum

Our Bible curriculum provides an opportunity for our students to grow daily in the Lord. Through daily lessons and weekly chapel, our students are challenged to make wise choices in situations that confront them each day.  Scripture memorization is a vital exercise at BCA.   It enables our students to know what God’s Word says, and therefore be able to act upon it.

Language Arts

The Language Arts curriculum trains and challenges the student to use the oral and written word as a powerful means of communication.  Composition, vocabulary, spelling, creative writing, poetry, speech, and literature are the avenues in which students receive the finest tools for success in the Language Arts arena.


Mathematics is taught with a focus on basics with an introduction to Algebra during the Middle School grades.  The students prepare for advanced math studies through interesting and challenging lessons.


History is presented from a Christian perspective, teaching the students that the hand of God is in human events.  World History, New World History, Geography, and American History are some of our topics that the students study.


Science is taught from the perspective of the founders of modern science.  This belief states that God is the Creator and Originator of the universe with it’s order, provision, and logic.

Within the Middle School curriculum, Exploratory Classes give our students the opportunity to explore new interests.

These classes may include:

  • Study Skills
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Spanish
  • PE
  • Music
  • Life Skills
  • Computer
  • Keyboarding

The middle school students also work together with faculty members to produce the BCA Warrior Yearbook (2003 ACSI Yearbook Evaluation 2nd place, 2006 ACSI Yearbook Competition Best Cover).

Elementary students have the opportunity to study the following subjects outside the classroom:

  • PE
  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama

Our Grading Scale

  • A+
  • A
  • A-
  • B+
  • B
  • B-
  • C+
  • C
  • C-
  • D+
  • D
  • F
  • I
  • 97-100
  • 93-96
  • 90-92
  • 87-89
  • 83-86
  • 80-82
  • 77-79
  • 73-76
  • 70-72
  • 68-69
  • 65-67
  • 0-64
  • incomplete

1st Grade Reading Codes

S+    Excellent Progress

S       Satisfactory Progress

W     Working on Skill

NA   Not Assessed