• The New Student Enrollment Fee is due upon submission of the application and confirms admission upon student’s acceptance by administration.
  • The annual Re-enrollment Fee is due upon submission of the re-enrollment application.
  • There will be no refunds made for temporary absences.
  • All fees are non-refundable. Exceptions may be made in situations regarding non-acceptance.

Tuition Payment Plans

1 Annual Payment
Payment due by: June 10th

2 Semester Payments
Payment due by: June 10th and January 10th

4 Quarterly Payments
Payments due by: June 10th, Sept. 10th, Dec. 10th, and March 10th


12 Month Plan
Runs June – May with 12 equal payments. First payment due in June.

11 Month Plan
Runs July – May with 11 equal payments. First payment due in July.

10 Month Plan
Runs August – May with 10 equal payments. First payment due in August.


Due dates for all fees are firm and students will not be assigned to classes until all applicable fees are paid and a payment plan has been selected.

Failure to meet established payment deadlines will result in a 5% late fee and the forfeiture of any plan discount.

There will be an additional $20 charge for all returned checks and bank drafts.

Tuition payments are billed by the first of the month with a 10 day grace period. Tuition and/or fees that are 30 days past due will necessitate a Letter of Notification and may require immediate withdrawal of the student(s) until the account is made current. All report cards, transcripts and school records will be held until the account is current. Additionally, no student will be permitted to participate in semester exams or graduation exercises and may not be allowed to participate in any school functions, including Athletics.

After School Care payments are billed each Monday and may be paid either monthly with tuition by the 10th, or weekly on each Monday. ASC payments that are 2 weeks past due will result in the student’s withdrawal from the ASC program until the account is made current.


Withdrawal forms are to be completed and signed in the school office. Tuition payments must be paid through the month your student is attending. If you have prepaid your tuition account for the entire school year, a refund will be given. If withdrawal takes place before March 1, the 5% prepay discount no longer applies and will be added back to the account balance before the above calculation. Enrollment fees are non-refundable. After School Care enrollment fee is non-refundable. Activity fees are nonrefundable. Curriculum materials will not be given out.

Fees are Non-Refundable